Friday, January 22, 2010

Go to the Source

After a month of worsening arm and shoulder pain, I finally went to my doctor this morning. I figured a time of simple whining would solve the problem. I mean, isn't that what often happens? You go to the doctor with an issue--pain or fever or something--and by the next day, it's gone. And you wonder why you wasted the time and money.

Well, he didn't offer me cheese to go with the whine. He instead offered me physical therapy. For my neck. Which doesn't hurt. He bypassed the symptoms and went to the source. A possible pinch at the connection.

I whined some more and then said I could do my own physical therapy at home and he asked what I'd do and I said neck exercises and he said he thought PT would help and I sighed and said okay whatever.

I refuse to fall apart.

So Monday, already, I get to have a PT evaluation. Again.

And then probably two to three days a week of having to shower and get dressed and put on my mask to present myself for therapy.

Maybe if I faithfully executed the previous plan (read exercise) presented in years gone by, I wouldn't be in this predicament.

Still whining.

Isn't that the way we roll, though? We've got an issue, a symptom of something deeper. But we just want to ignore it or take a pill or slap a Band-Aid on it and go on our merry way while whatever it is gets worse. We don't want to expend the time or the energy to find the source and do battle.

Just a quick fix, please, with a side of chocolate, if you don't mind.

Anyway, I'm going to stop whining and do what I'm told and wrestle with the source of my physical pain because I refuse to fall apart.

And while I'm at it, I think I'll undertake an ST (spiritual therapy) and ET (emotional therapy) evaluation. If I find anything awry, I'll go to the Source. And then work on releasing the kinks in that connection.

I refuse to fall apart.

How are you holding together?

"Be not wise in your own eyes; reverently fear and worship the Lord and turn [entirely] away from evil. It shall be health to your nerves and sinews, and marrow and moistening to your bones." Proverbs 3:7-8 (Amplified Bible)

Copyright © 2010 by Sandra Heska King

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