Saturday, February 27, 2010

Her Father's Joy

Surrounded by babies and pregnancies.

But for us, just monthly disappointment.

We signed up to adopt a baby through the state of Georgia--a list years long.

I went back to the doctor. "You're just waiting to become pregnant," he said.


Dennis came home one day and said, "They want us to move to Florida. Just for 12-18 months. They want us to rent out the house, not sell it."

"You'll be coming back with a baby," my friend, Judy, predicted.

That move was so hard. I wrote about it in an article published in Evangel several years ago. But I'll share that another time.

We said our goodbyes, and off we went to the land of beaches and orange blossoms. But still no baby. So we began the process of infertility testing. More on that here. (And a followup here.)

Over. Finished. We'd done all we knew to do. My plumbing was disconnected. We did not feel led to go forth with extraordinary means at that point. Tired. We began to make other plans that did not include children. We gave it all to the Lord.

And then our pastor called with news.

"I went to this meeting. There's an interdenominational group that's been counseling young, unmarried, pregnant girls. They feel they need to offer an option. It's not an official adoption agency so there's not official paperwork, and the adoptions will take place privately through an attorney."

Without a lot of hope, we put together a packet that included resumes, biographical and spiritual histories, and a financial report. I still have copies of those on yellow carbon paper!  I also wrote a poem.


Love to share
Through joy and care
Bound with ties as yet unseen
We'll learn together the way to grow
That to the world His ways we'll show.

          As God is my Parent, you'll be my child
          We both are adopted in one family
          So I'll care for you as He cares for me
          That you can be all He wants you to be.

          We'll bake cookies for Dad, play catch outside
          We'll listen to music or read a book
          I'll check your homework, we'll talk of your day
          At bedtime I'll tuck you in while we pray.

          We'll share the wonders of butterfly wings
          We'll climb a mountain and walk on the shore
          In nature's classroom with childlike surprise
          We'll find new things that will open our eyes.

          Love has to be tough if it's love at all
          And it may hurt when I have to say, "No"
          But I'll kiss your bruises, always be there
          To comfort and hold you through every tear.

Love to share
Through joy and care
Bound with ties as yet unseen.
He chose you long ago, you see
A special gift wrapped up for me.

Sandy King, May 1984

The group  liked the packet enough to send out a state social worker to interview us and inspect our environment.

And we waited. Without much hope.

The 12-18 months stretched into 4 years! There were a couple false alarms about moving back to Georgia, but they fell through.

And then.  


A baby girl. A newborn. Come and get her! My heart still pounds when I think about it.

Two days after her birth, I cradled and cried over this special gift. A gift given by Him 25 years ago today.

Planned before time began.

Almost immediately and before the adoption was finalized, the company transferred us back to Georgia.

Judy was right. We came back with a baby.

Abigail Elizabeth. 

Her father's joy. Consecrated to God.


My gift.

My daughter.

My best girlfriend.

I love you.

Happy 25th Birthday!

    Welcome home, Abby!

So blessed!

Cake awaits. First toys. And snacks for the cats.
New daddy heading off to work in a pink shirt with a basket of pink bubblegum!

With Pastor Jack at 1-1/2 weeks.

Just look at her now!
 Copyright © 2010 by Sandra Heska King


Melinda Lancaster said...

She's beautiful & so is this story.Dreams do come true!

SharonB said...

My heart is overwhelmed with so many emotions, for so many reasons. She is a beautiful gift from God.

Sandra Heska King said...

@Melinda: In His time!

@Sharon: I'm overwhelmed when I see His hand, too. At work through it all.

~~Melinda Y.~~ said...

This was beautiful in every way... "Planned before time began."
God's timing is ALWAYS perfect. The pictures are precious. Thank You for sharing and celebrating the spirit of adoption:)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I'm so glad I popped over here to read the full article. Your daughter is beautiful. :)


Angie said...

AWESOME story Aunt Sandy!! =) Happy Birthday Blessings to Abby!!

Love you!


Sandra Heska King said...

Melinda, Susan, Angie: His timing is perfect, and His ways are higher. He works things out His way in spite of us. Thanks for celebrating with me.

Glynn said...

You've drawn a beautiful picture of what God does for us, too.

Sandra Heska King said...

Thanks, Glynn!

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