Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goodness in a Gideon

And God saw that it was good, very good.

How could it be otherwise? Because He is good.

He IS good. Good IS God. His essence is goodness.

Godness is goodness.

God puts the "oo" in goodness.

Indescribable. Uncontainable. Ooooo!

From the creation of the universe to the structure of our bodies to every event allowed in our lives. Meant for good.

Fitting. Suitable.

Even when from our perspective it seems terrible. Horrible. No good. Very bad.

Good. Because God equals good.

I found this note tucked between the pages of a Gideon Bible at the Ritz Carlton in Detroit.

"Do not remove," the other side read. So I left it.

I shared it on Facebook. And my friend, Lea, commented:

"How cute is that? You know, what a great idea that is. If every person of faith wrote a quick testimonial to the goodness of God and stuck it in the back of a hotel Gideon Bible, nonbelievers could be personally witnessed to by finding it. I believe God's Word is illuminated best by the earnest stories of believers about the real power of God to change lives. You've prompted me to start a movement, Snady."

A testimonial to the goodness of God, sometimes recognized only in hindsight, because He does what is fitting or suitable in season--even though it doesn't exactly feel good at the time.

Because God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good!

He is indescribable and uncontainable! Ooooo!

"Your marvelous doings are headline news; I could write a book full of the details of your greatness. The fame of your goodness spreads across the country; your righteousness is on everyone's lips." Psalm 145:6-7

Will you help spread the fame of His goodness? Will you join Lea's Gideon Goodness Movement?

NOTE: This post is part of the Blog Carnival on GOODNESS. For more thoughts, visit One Word at a Time.

Copyright © 2010 by Sandra Heska King


Glynn said...

I smiled at the "he puts the 'oo' in goodness" -- but that's precisely what he does. Good post.

S. Etole said...

great message ... all the time

Anonymous said...

What a great idea about the hotel Bible! I'm gonna have to start doing that when I stay somewhere. Thanks for sharing! Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. This is such a fun way to meet new bloggers. :)

Sandra Heska King said...

@Glynn: Thanks! You are such an encouragement!

@Susan: ALL the time!

@Melissa: I'm going to, too. You're right--a great way to learn and meet other bloggers.

Bernadette Pabon ,Teacher, Director of CCD, Author said...

Your post is so true. I enjoyed it very much. Yes God is good all the time.

Sandra Heska King said...

And all the time God is good! Thanks for visiting, Bernadette.

Anonymous said...

I love the bible story and your creativity with the ooo's.

Great post and perfect songs! Thank you.

Sandra Heska King said...

Thanks, Bridget! I so love being part of your carnival!

Joy said...

So creative... and what a fascinating discovery in the Gideon Bible!

Sandra Heska King said...

Thanks, Joy! And thanks for stopping in!

Rebecca on The Homefront said...

I also smiled at "He puts the 'oo' in goodness." :)

What a great idea, leaving notes in a Gideon bible!

Sandra Heska King said...

Hi, Rebecca. Thanks so much for swinging by and taking the time to comment. I think it will be fun to leave a note and wonder what becomes of it.

Lea Sims said...

Thank you for sharing, Sandra! I love this! I'm in Modesto at our staff retreat and just saw this. God is SO good even when we wonder just what He is up to. :)

Sandra Heska King said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Lea. I'm be watching for your notes. ;)

JoAnne said...

Sandra, what a fun post. I loved how the young author wanted his enthusiasm about life to be kept forever where it counts the most. Can you imagine how many lives will be touched by such a simple act of faith in Room 628 at the Ritz Carlton in Detroit? Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog. Nice meeting you :)!

Sandra Heska King said...

Hi, Joanne. The next time I stay in a hotel, I plan to pass it on. What a treat to have that note fall out of the pages!

Nice meeting you, too! So glad I found the carnival.

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