Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Journey Begins

Welcome. I'm so glad you stopped in to visit.

I turned 60 this year. More than half my life on earth is done. Maybe even two-thirds. The reality, though, is that none of us know if we have another year, one more month, week, day, hour, or even one more minute. We could be called from this life with our next breath, in the twinkling of an eye.

On one hand, I try not to think about it - although I do find myself scanning the obituaries and making mental notes of ages and causes of death and how the writer saw that person's life. There's something about being leashed to earthly things, about trying to slow down time, about accomplishing everything on the bucket list and then some. I wonder if I've done enough to prepare my family to press on without me. And yes, there is a hint of fear. I'll admit that. Yet I know that when my collar breaks and I'm loosed, I will race into the welcoming arms of Jesus. As I write that, I think of my childhood dog, Duchess, a Brittany spaniel who was confined to a kennel. And when we opened the gate to let her run, she was so excited that she tore up and down and round and round, 2 ears to the wind, tongue dragging, dirt flying. Total joy! I can only imagine.

So I've been looking at everything I do, everything I say, everything I own with an eye toward eternity. And I've been culling my "treasures," selling and giving them away, holding things more lightly, feeling more free, and hoping to focus more on things that really matter. I want my life to count and to be ready when the count is out.

I enter blogland late as another voice sharing my heartaches and hopes with a dose of humor. My prayer is that anyone who shows up to share my journey will be blessed, encouraged, and inspired to reach up and out to the One who is the source of life and light, who is our only hope, that the mist would lift a little, and that they would see Him a bit more clearly.

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Luke 12:33-35

Where is your heart today?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new Christian blog. I hope that it works out for you and you find LOTS of good encouraging stuff to post about. :) Myself and another saint have already given you a thumbs-up on StumbleUpon. Keep up the good work!

Psalm 16:2,3

Eric Hamil said...

Wow! I really want to thank you for your writings. I just happened to stumble upon it and I found it a wonderful read. I always find it so interesting to see what God does in other peoples lives. What is even better is that you have experienced life and are sharing the goodness of God throughout that life. I really commend you. This blog is definitely encouraging to the younger generations to believe in God fully. I love it and look forward to reading more. I probably will never meet you in real life, but I look forward to meeting you in the Home that He has prepared for us. Until then.

Sandy/Snady said...

You have blessed me today, Eric! Thank you for that encouragement. I prayed for you tonight as you are getting ready to head out for school. May God hold you in the palm of His hand!

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