Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Love Zinnias

I did a dumb thing.

Okay I've done several dumb things, but today it's one dumb thing.

I didn't do it today, but now I'm suffering the consequences.

I planted a few herbs, a few flowers.

And a lot of zinnia seeds.

I love zinnias.

The box says, "Easy to grow, just apply and water, germinate in 10 days, height 18-24 inches."

It says, "Distribute evenly over the planting area using the convenient pour spout."

I love zinnias.

So I distributed. All over the planting area.

I envisioned an ocean of multicolored mops at the back door waving a friendly greeting in the early morning.

I love zinnias.


I forgot I had to pull weeds. How do you pull weeds when you don't know where the zinnias are sprouting? How do you pull weeds without pulling zinnias or stomping on them when you didn't have a planting plan?

No boundaries. No walkway.

Randomly shaking seeds among soon-to-grow weeds.

Lots of them.


And now the zinnias are sprouting.

Lots of them.

But so are the weeds.

Dandelions and grass and wild geranium and some other stuff I don't know the names of.

I decided to let them grow together for awhile until I was sure which was which and in hopes the baby zinnias would grow strong enough to withstand a bunion bump.

But now the weeds tower over the sprouts. They are winning the race skyward.

I can wait no longer.

And I'm pretty sure zinnias are coming out with the weeds.

"The farmhands asked, 'Should we weed out the thistles?' 
He said, 'No. If you weed the thistles, you'll pull up the wheat, too. Let them grow together until harvest time. Then I'll instruct the harvesters to pull up the thistles and tie them in bundles for the fire, then gather the wheat and put it in the barn." Matthew 13:28b-30 (Message)

Have you ever made any gardening mistakes?

Copyright © 2010 by Sandra Heska King


S. Etole said...

smiling ... and wishing you waves of color

HisFireFly said...

I love zinnias too, big and bright and beautiful.

But.. I'm beginning to think I should just fall in love with the sight of weeds, then I could stop fighting this endless battle.

caryjo said...

Who ME??? One of the most well-planning heads in the area and one of the worst follow-through folks you can imagine... WHY? Because in April and May, and sometimes June, all that lovely seed and a chance to work in the yard is wonderful -- and then SUMMER HITS with the heat and humidity and mosquitoes and YUK. It becomes just another ugly chore. So, every year I walk through that. My present plan is coming together ... lots and lots of perennials so I won't have to plant much and my husband won't have to mow much.

BTW, unless they are considered a different kind of flower, we [my neighbors and I] have lots of wild geraniums in the yard as a great ground cover and border, or for use on parking strips. At least for us they ain't no weed.

I love zinnias, too. Have a box of seed. Forgot to use it in time this year... maybe next spring...

Duane Scott said...

This was great. There are so many spiritual truths in this.

Sometimes we don't cultivate the soil of our heart properly before we start sowing seeds.

We need to make sure we are right with God before we try to say, "Lord, plant my garden full of zinnias. I want to be beautiful."

These were thoughts for me. :) I'm not saying you are greedy. In fact, I sorta dig (pun intended) your style of gardening. :)

Deidra said...

Gardening in and of itself is a mistake for me. Your zinnia story made me smile and think of that very same verse that you included at the end.

Happy weekend!

Sandra Heska King said...

@Susan: Waving at you!

@HisFireFly: Makes sense to me! Besides, some weeds really are pretty.

@caryjo: We just have too much in common! Maybe I should just let the wild geraniums take over that spot. They really want it.

@Duane: Now you're going and getting deep on me. Great thoughts!

@Deidra: My grandfather and my father did not pass on their green thumb genes. :( Happy weekend to you, too!

caryjo said...

I'll try to remember to send you a photo of my wild geraniums and where they are helping keep the other weeds out of the way. I think you'll like them.

Sandra Heska King said...

@caryjo: I'd love to see that. They really are pretty.

n. davis rosback said...

i too like zinnias
after two weeks away is up...
i don't know what my yard will look like
upon my return.

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