Monday, July 12, 2010

Blog Birthday Reflections

I've blogged now for a whole year.

Translation: I've kept up with one thing for a whole year.

Yep. July 12. This blog's birthday.

I planned to repost some earlier writings this week to celebrate.

But nah.

Maybe I'll tweet some links to some of my favorites or top hits.


Maybe not.

I wrote some good stuff during this year--but also some bad stuff. Some fun stuff, some serious stuff. Some prose, some poetry. Tried to dig a little. Make myself bleed. Looked for my voice. Fought for my voice. Tried to not try so hard.

Tried to discipline myself to write. And found I need to discipline myself not to write.

Learned not to be so hard on myself for being a woman of many interests. Because really, maybe, hopefully that makes me more interesting as a writer.

For I am she who seeks and shares.

And writing is my passion. I know this now.

Over speaking. Over harping. Over singing. The music that begs to come out is not notes, but words. And words that sing better on the page than through the air.

At least I think so.

I started a writing blog about six months ago.

So now I have two blogs.

Some folks even follow them. And some folks take time to comment.

I developed cyber friendships as close, I believe, as any face-to-face. And all over the world. Heart-to-heart friendships. Other writers. Other seekers.

And quite possibly some of those are people I might not have given more than a head nod to had I not gotten to know them through their blogs.

I've participated in blog carnivals (such as One Word at a Time and Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays) and group writing projects through High Calling Blogs. I've even been asked to guest blog.

I've found joy in poetry, dabbled with my camera, and maybe found even a call to fiction--all of which surprised me.

I've hooked up with ChristianWriters and joined ACFW.

And acted like I have a clue.

A comment Kathy Richards (katdish) made on Amy Sorrell's blog encouraged and inspired me. She said:

"@noveldoctor (Stephen Parolini) tweeted, 'If you want to write what you believe, write nonfiction. If you want to tell the truth, write fiction.'"

"There's so much truth to that statement," she said. "A work of fiction sometimes gives us a level of protection and allows us to tell a greater truth we may not be ready to write as nonfiction. The best writers are brave souls indeed."

I want to be a brave soul.

Thanks for celebrating with me. 

Party on!

Copyright © 2010 by Sandra Heska King


Sissy said...

Congrats, Sissy! I knew it all along. ;)

Kathleen Overby said...

Cheers, brave soul. :)

~Brenda said...

I love this. And Happy Birthday!!

Now I have to ask myself why I've never been asked to guest post. Ha!

Keep up the good work, my friend!

Duane Scott said...

Woot woot! A whole year! I'm glad you write! And thanks for mention PDTs. :)

lynnmosher said...

Woo-hoo! We are very close in blog birthdays! 'Cept mine is one year older. And I'm so happy you blog! I love what you write!

I'm glad you mentioned guest posts. I was just going to ask you if you would like to guest post on my blog. Hope you'll say yes!

Blessings for more birthdays!

Dan King said...

Congrats! That is SO awesome! That's a pretty major accomplishment! And I'm glad that got a little shout-out in there!

Sandra Heska King said...

@Sissy: You rock! Let's celebrate with some chocolate-raspberry brittle.

@Kathleen: Cheering with you. Your comments are back! Yippee.

@Brenda: You would do a guest post? Really. Wouldja?

@Duane: You're not as glad I write as I am that you write.

@Lynn: We are very close in birthdays, period. 'Cept yours is. . . well, never mind. ;)


@Dan: HCB has opened up a whole new world for me!

Thanks again everyone. And stand by. I'm going to be moving to new digs in the near future. Call me crazy.

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