Monday, October 19, 2009


It's 5 a.m.  I hadn't planned to be at the computer this early.  In the morning dark. 

At 12:05, I had buried my face under the covers and cuddled next to a suitcase.  Dennis packing for Dallas.

At 3:50, I awoke to NPR music.  Loud.  Hadn't heard it for 20 minutes.

"Are you awake?" I groaned.

"No, but I'm getting up anyway."

At 4:15, Dennis woke me up again to kiss me goodbye.  After locating my face under the pillow.

At 4:20, I heard Gracee crying for her mom.  I stumbled downstairs to her room and found her buried under shreds of Kleenex.  She'd had a bad dream.  Probably about being attacked by a giant box of Kleenex.  She said shredding had helped her fall asleep.  I picked the Kleenex out of her hair, tucked her in, and restarted her music.  David Meece.

How she sleeps with music that peppy. 

At 4:30, I staggered back to bed and began to doze to the strains of "God's Promises are Rainbows in the Night" streaming through the monitor.

At 4:45, Gracee called again.  She was still scared.  Her stomach hurt.  She had to go to the bathroom.  And then Rose Dog had to go out.  I got everyone settled and fell back into bed.  Wide awake now.  Sort of.  With a slight headache.  I prayed a bit.

So now here I sit wrapped in my fluffy white bathrobe.  The one the tea baptized the other night when I dozed off on the sofa.  Smelling of bleach and Tranquil Mint lotion from Bath and Body Works. 

Listening to "Seventy Times Seven."

Listening to the dog snore.

Listening to the heater blowing on my feet.

Listening for Him.

Copyright © 2009 by Sandra Heska King


~~Melinda Y.~~ said...

Thanks for sharing so much of your thoughts,moods,
& your beautiful spirit w/ us.
Being a Christian is so much more than just
a lifestyle. It all comes down to the attitude of our heart.
I love your heart:)
Love& Hugs,

Sandra Heska King said...

Dear Melinda,

I so want my heart and God's heart to beat as one.

Thanks, sweet friend, for your encouragement.

I heart you,

Anonymous said...

hmmm..."beat as one"...this was my prayer upon entering public school for the first time- high school at that! It's still my prayer! I pray that when people see and hear me, they see and hear God. That as he moves, I move; as he speaks, I speak. A perfect harmony! Stay encouraged! I'm soo encouraged by you! Live blessed! Kendra

Sandra Heska King said...

Beautiful, Kendra! If we all kept our eyes on our Director, we'd make some great music. You've blessed me today.

Hearting Him with you,

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