Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Tis a Gift to be Simple

 In my quest for simplicity, I'm often drawn back to my battered book (1981) by Richard Foster, Freedom of Simplicity. He talks about the passion to possess and how the pace of our world leaves us feeling fractured and fragmented.

Even frantic.

I so get that.

Although thankfully peace occupies more space in my pocket these days.

Richard reminds us of the paradox of simplicity.

It is both easy and difficult.
It is both simple and complex.
It is both internal and external.
It is both a grace and a discipline.
We do not necessarily fit it, but it fits us.

An unsimple gift.

The longing of my heart.

My Center and my periphery.

Focus over goal.

Release to gain.
Possess but not prize.
Free to serve.
Stay to go.
Stand firm to bow and to bend.

And when I turn 'round, as in the old Shaker hymn, no matter what direction, I want to see Jesus.


A simple gift.

Close your eyes and listen to this simply beautiful song.

Which way are you turning? Do you crave simplicity? What does simplicity mean to you?

"I recommend to you holy simplicity." ~Francis de Sales

Copyright © 2009 by Sandra Heska King


Unstoppable Spirit said...

St. Theresa used to say when she was little, "the simpler you are, the closer you are to God."

Sandra Heska King said...

Beautiful. Less to get in the way.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I need more simplicity in my life to just sit and listen to Him!!

Beautiful song!!

Sandra Heska King said...

Amen, Eileen. Amen!

Melinda Lancaster said...

"Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough." Anon

Sandra Heska King said...

I love that quote!

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